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Population Analysis

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

MRBI decided to give you a present!

Need smart and dynamic data for a presentation?

Want to analyze and share your countries' position in comparison to other countries in the region, in the class, in the cluster?

Maybe where your country is positioned Vs the OECD members?

How about having a BI report based on the World Bank data?

As first step we will start with a simple topic and simple report – a few details about the world's population.

We will share more reports so stay tuned!

So, what are you getting today?

The link below leads to a smart BI Report with 4 tabs, to analyze the world's population.

The first tab is a guidance providing all the details of how to use the reports and the available data the reports provide.

This report is just a taste (basic) of a huge amount of reports that might be useful for your business and save you time and money.

Do you want BI reports for your organization?

Want to manage and share your organization's data with smart BI Dashboards and Reports?

Think of implementing a BI system in your organization?

Contact us, and together we will lead your organization to the future of data management.

Here is the link to the report - Enjoy!

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